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Expanding your sport offering with one or more paddle courts, it's not only from a sporting perspective a highly attractive option (areas / player ratio of 50 m2 per player). The decision for Paddle is a visible profitable investment due to the amount of a couple of financial aspects. The revenues or income sources are the same as tennis. The surface of the walls can optionally be rented as advertising space as banners. 


Paddle convinces by its simplicity and adds a high fun factor. The rules of the game are quickly explained and learning the basic techniques of individual strokes within 10 - 15 minutes. The handy raquet allows especially beginners an easy introduction to the sport and also provides fast results and fun to a low level player. Paddle is played in Spain by over around 2 - 2,5M people on over 10.000 paddle courts. It's a very popular sport. In the coming years this sport will gain more an more acceptance in Europe.


Differenciate yourself from your competitors and allow your members to get full enjoyment. Be the first in your area to have a paddle court. The entry in this sport should be feasible for you, easy and it all starts with the adquisition of a paddle court.


As you know, "Paddle Court is not Paddle Court" and not every construction and design meets your quality requirements. We have analised the a couple of manufacturers for you, and have made a choice of the best and most reliable alternatives for you. We feel confident that we will find the best solution for you. - Your specialist for Paddle courts is now presenting the following models:

Installation process for
2 Paddle Courts, Mod. PREMIUM
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All alternatives will be offered as a complete solution and include the following elements:

  • Paddle courts with many options and colours 

  • Paddle rackets and accessories as Startkit (optional)

  • Introductory courses are carried out by professional trainers (optional)

All measurements and models adequately reflects the current standards of the International Padel Federation.

Are you interested? If yes, then do not hesitate to ask for a proposal. 

Just fill out the contact form and we can start immediately with the planning. The offer is of course without any obligation for you.

BASIC - Paddle Court

BASIC PRO - Paddle Court



PREMIUM - Paddle Court

MOD.BASIC - This model is a simple pillar structure and is also the low costs model.  For an increased stability we highly recommend a frame construction (see mod. BASIC PRO / PREMIUM). The frame support the glass wall on all 4 sides. Suitable for Indoor. Supplied and built as a turnkey project.
Pictures: Click on the picture  to see the pictures enlarged.

MOD. BASIC PRO - Optimal price/performance ratio. Modular and solid frame construction. The frames are welded in the factory and delivered as a unit (no screws on frame) This model also provides a lean surface (+66%) for a superior stability. The glass leans on the four sides of the frame.
Pictures: Click on the image to see the pictures enlarged.

Mod. PREMIUM - Reinforced and solid triple-pillar framework. All columns are additionally reinforced and offer a great structural resistancy and stability against wind actions in your area.

This model is especially designed for outdoor use, but can also be installed indoor.

Pictures: Click on the image to see the pictures enlarged.

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