What is Paddle?

Where is Paddle-Tennis

being played?

Paddle is the fastest growing racquet sport in the world. Already very popular in Spain and Latin America, the game is quickly attracting new players around the globe. Paddle clubs are opening in the UK, Germany, France, the Middle East, Australia, Canada, and the United States and Paddle is being used in Tennisclubs and Leisure Centers to increase their sport offer. 


Padel is a mix of tennis and squash and is only played in doubles. Is counted according to the rules of tennis, the walls are involved in the game. The paddle is approximately a half of a tennis court and is surrounded on all sides by glass and meshed panels. As with the tennis court is divided by a network in two halves. It is played with tennis balls and special raquets designed for padel.


The overall dimensions of the field are lower than that of the tennis. With the reduction of the field and the rise of number of players for the same surface we get an increase from 2-4 players to 8-12 players. The return on the investment is very attractive and paddle is like the cool brother of tennis.


Paddle tennis as an additional sport option in the tennis club and leisure centers we see the following advantages:

  • Additional new group of adults and young people increasing the number of members

  • Differentiation for your club

  • Better retention rate of your existing members, as they stay longer. (less dropouts)

  • New structure for tournaments and teams

  • Tennis coaches extend the range of training courses

  • More club life by an additional cognate sport

  • perfect solution and optimization for your available space (20 x 10 m)(65,6 x 32,8 feet)

  • If no additional area is available, a conversion of a tennis court in 2 - 3 Paddle courts is quite conceivable. See example


In Spain we have installed around 400 Paddle courts and have the know-how of quality, reliability and experience. Padel4all.com is pleased to support you in this process.

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A satisfied player says: 

My name is Paul Jenkins, I am 64 & was born in Newport, South Wales. Until my early 30's I had been a very active sportsman locally, playing Football, Squash & Table Tennis. I then developed kidney cancer which resulted in the offending organ being removed.

My sporting days came to a shuddering halt. I took early retirement 7 years ago and moved to Spain, where I came across Padel Tenis.

I found a new lease of life and despite weighing 125kg, I found I could actually play this incredible game to a reasonable standard. My weight reduced to 110kg  playing Padel & it also allowed me to integrate into the Spanish Padel playing community which enhanced my level.

At our club ,Sport Center Montepiedra in Campoamor, Southern Costa Blanca, we have players from 5 to 75 years old playing this incredibly brilliant game. Even my wife Anne, who has always hated sport with a vengeance, plays this game, so it really is a game for everyone.

If someone offers you  the chance to have a go at this fantastic doubles game grab it with both hands, you won't regret it.

Paul Jenkins - September 2015

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