January 31, 2017

When building an indoor or outdoor paddle court, we need a firm and solid surface. The steel structure with the heavy glass (3.5t) must be securely and firmly screwed to the ground for your own safety. This area is called the foundation. The foundation is there to abso...

December 19, 2016

World Champion - MEN:  ARGENTINA 

See game

World Champion - WOMENS:     SPANIEN

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Final classification by countries

December 19, 2016

We would like to make the introduction of Paddle in your club as easy as possible and, as already reported, our "Padel Tool Box"  is available to you when purchasing our Courts. 

Here you will find various flyers and posters as an editable file, so you can onl...

October 24, 2016

Survey on 39 million people: 

Number of active players in Spain: 

- 7.5% play tennis (2.92 M) 

- 9.0% to play Padel Tennis (3.51 M) 

Total: 6,43M / total population: 45 M 

= 14.28% play in tennis courts

In many clubs in Central Europe, this group is slightly small. As p...

August 31, 2016


Many times unused warehouses are being converted into real paddle clubs. This is a business model which has been very popular in Spain and is getting also adopters in other countries.  

The biggest Indoor-c...

August 31, 2016

What is the right pricing model for you? The clubs differ greatly from each other and the price policy depends heavily on the location, the sports offer, the facility, the environment, the target groups and the competition. With the positioning you are going to make th...

August 31, 2016

The demand is increasing, your competitions are getting more and more professional, the conventional advertising models is losing its effectiveness, the offer and the facility is getting more high-end and at the same time more comparable. Your members are getting high-...

February 14, 2016

A sport event is the perfect environment for approaching consumers who are difficult to reach through traditional advertising. 
It is a perfect image transfer for interested brands as well as linking the marketing objectives in a particularly elegant manner and with so...

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