Paddle Scene in Spain - Data/Facts

Survey on 39 million people:

Number of active players in Spain:

- 7.5% play tennis (2.92 M)

- 9.0% to play Padel Tennis (3.51 M)

Total: 6,43M / total population: 45 M

= 14.28% play in tennis courts

In many clubs in Central Europe, this group is slightly small. As per the German Tennis Association the age group between 19 and 40 years is represented with only 19.76% of the members of the tennis club.

These figures speak for themselves. PADDLE-TENNIS has evolved as a separate category, and has won many followers. Paddle-Tennis takes place usually in the immediate vicinity of tennis courts and it is considered as a perfect add-on sport in the tennis club, sports park and leisure centers.


The main reasons for this success are:

1. It is easy to play

2. Is low priced (4 people per game)

3. High fun factor

4. Is not physically very demanding

5. Promotes social relations

Player Licensing Only licenced players, who have a valid player license are allowed to participate in competitions.The number of licensed players has increased by 13.32% over the previous year (49 512) to over 56,000. The growth of licensed players has grown steadily in the last 10 years. (See chart on the left). This sport has been registering spectacular growth rates even after 15 years.

Licensed players by ages

<19 -> 18.4% 19-23 -> 4.3% 24-39 -> 30.6% > 39 -> 46.7%

Particularly interesting is the fact that players from the middle ages (19-39J) are very well represented.

Conclusion: Padel Tennis motivates and excites people between the ages 19-39J very well.

Breakdown by gender

65.9% men 34.1% women

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