The foundation for your Paddle Court

When building an indoor or outdoor paddle court, we need a firm and solid surface. The steel structure with the heavy glass (3.5t) must be securely and firmly screwed to the ground for your own safety. This area is called the foundation. The foundation is there to absorb the burdens of the Padel Court. The direct installation on top of a tennis court is not suitable, because of lack of stability.

There are basically two foundation systems for a paddle court in place. Which system is the most appropriate in your case depends mainly on the soil structure where the foundation has to be built and by the local building regulations. We supply the foundation plans with the offer for the right measurement. In this context, we would like to introduce you to the two best known systems:

Strip Foundation In the outdoor area (OUTDOOR) the loads should be supported with a strip foundation. As a substructure for the playing surface, there are also different options, such as asphalt (see picture below) or porous concrete. Important here is the drainage. The surface is intended to ensure that the rainwater runs off the field quickly.

Steel concrete slab with slope This system is very common and popular in Southern Europe, but it does not provide adequate frost protection at low temperatures during the winter months. For indoor use (INDOOR) the floor should be checked before installation. If the floor in the hall is smooth and firm, you may not need to build a foundation.

Strip foundations and reinforced concrete slabs must be laid frost-free according to local regulations.

In some countries a Paddle Court is considered as building, and as such it requires most probably a building permit. However, there are differences between the individual federal states. In any case, we recommend that you talk with an architect or a building contractor for the best advise.

The regulation and the duration of the application for the building application can vary in the region, but it is important that you are already familiar with the project and follow the rules exactly. Depending on the country, state or city, this takes from a few weeks to a few months. This is why we recommend that you submit your application to the authorities at an early stage so that you do not miss the season.

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